SalesWise Chrome Extension

The SalesWise Chrome Extension is a lightweight tool that brings the power and insights of SalesWise to your browser experience seamlessly. You can download and install the extension at this link.

Receive instant notifications for the companies you Follow of: 

  • New contacts have been added
  • Email exchanges are moving the deal forward
  • Meeting has been scheduled with key decision makers
  • Salesforce Opportunity-level changes
  • More!

If your company is using Gmail, the extension integrates with Gmail's native search bar. While searching for a person or company, the extension will seamlessly reveal Cards that match your search terms. This provides you with a simple way to access the relationships you're looking for.

Additionally, the SalesWise Chrome Extension will slide a sidebar in Gmail revealing the most recent interactions with the customer of any email thread you select in Gmail matching a SalesWise Card.

You can select ALL of the recent activities (once you select an email thread), or select key objects to isolate relevancy including:

  • Messages exchanged
  • Events occurred or upcoming
  • Documents shared
  • Tasks completed or due
  • Opportunity status changes

All of these are filterable, too, by:

  • Interactions you are a part of (YOU)
  • Interactions you are not a part of, but others on your team are (OTHERS)
  • Everyone 

Download and install the SalesWise Chrome Extension from the Chrome Apps Store, or by following the link:

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