The Card is the building block of SalesWise, and gives you the ultimate view of relationships with customers and prospects (companies). 

The Card seamlessly brings together all information on accounts, opportunities, contacts, emails, documents, and meetings into one simple view automatically. All data from Salesforce and through the email/ calendar server is updated and shared on the Card. 


The Card is divided into 6 main components: Opportunities, People, Since, Company, Activities, CRM, and Discussion.

Opportunities: The opportunity section provides a high-level summary of each opportunity from Salesforce. You can view a summary of the opportunities (aggregate view), or the high-level information of each individual opportunity including deal size, close date, stage, probability, and product(s), if available.

Click 'Change' in the bottom-right corner of the Opportunities section to get a drop-down list of all of the company's opportunities.

(To view a summary of all opportunities on the card, click the 'Show Summary of All Opportunities' button at the bottom of the drop-down tab.)

People: Who is involved in the opportunity -- captures those at the customer/ prospect and in your company via email and meeting exchanges.



Since: You can change the view and perspective of the Card (including the data shown) by filtering on the relationship's time frame and persons involved. At the top-left of the Card, simply select a data range and people as highlighted in the image below.


Company: Additional firmographic data about the customer/ prospect.

Activities: Much like the People as mentioned above, the Activities section of the SalesWise Card surfaces all of the relevant messages, documents shared, notes, tasks, and meetings. This section provides the clarity and continuity of the communication with the customer by integrating those email accounts connected to SalesWise. 

Simply click into any Activity section to review more detailed data.

CRM Data: This section of the Card is customized to provide access and visibility of the right data for the right people.

Out-of-the-box, SalesWise provides templates for Finance, Marketing, and Customer Success based on simple integrations. However, these templates can be further customized (or removed in favor of others). Virtually any field or object in Salesforce (including those integrated into) can be displayed via SalesWise.

During your company's onboarding process, your customer success and account executive will work with you to determine what fields should be enabled in your CRM section. 



Discussion: Easily ensure any discussions and collaboration on deals is kept within the context of the Customer with Discussion. No more lost emails about customers, or forgotten internal agreements. Keep messages relevant and stored with the relationship.

Use Discussion with @team_member style discussions to direct messages to specific team members. 


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