Filters and Saved Queries

Filters are a quick and effective way of navigating through your Salesforce opportunities and accounts in the Discover tab. Perhaps one of the most powerful features of SalesWise, the Filters enable rapid identification of opportunities and accounts based on Salesforce Opportunity facets and Activity facets. 

Saved Queries

Oftentimes, it is necessary to keep watch of specific Opportunities and Groups based on specific Filters (described below). Saved Search is how to quickly remember the settings and Filter setups. 

Saved Queries can be organized in two ways:

  1. My Queries - Queries that are saved specific to the SalesWise user ("owner"). These queries are only visible by the owner.
  2. Company Queries - Queries that saved and accessible by anyone in the organization. 

Note: SalesWise may provide your organization with select Saved Searches based on our own metrics as well as our customers.

To delete a query, simply click on the trashcan icon to the right of the query name.

Opportunity Filters

Below the Saved Queries section is the Opportunity Filters section. 

Here, simply filter the Salesforce Opportunities and Accounts based on the Opportunity facets. These include:

  • Close Date: Deal close date is before, on, or after a specific date, or between two dates.
  • Size: Either greater than, equal to, or less than a value, or between two values.
  • Probability: Percent probability of closing.
  • Stage: Stage of the sale.
  • Owner: Salesforce Opportunity owner.
  • Product: The different products (items and services) you sell to customers.

Activity Filters

SalesWise goes beyond the traditional sales data to surface actual relationship activities to help surface Opportunities and Accounts that need attention. In this way, SalesWise can help leaders and their teams discover what they don't know.

Activities can be filtered on:

  • Meetings: Tied directly to either the Gmail or Exchange/ Office365 calendars. Meetings can be further segmented by Created or Occurred or scheduled.
  • Tasks: Tied directly to Salesforce Tasks associated to the Account or Opportunity. Tasks can be further segmented by Created, Completed, or Due (outstanding).
  • Emails: Tied directly to either the Gmail or Exchange/ Office365 email. Emails can be further segmented by Sent or Received.
  • Documents: Tied directly to either the Gmail, Exchange/ Office365, or Salesforce.
  • Notes: Tied directly to Salesforce Notes.
  • No Next Meeting or Tasks: Tied directly to either the Gmail or Exchange/ Office365 calendars and to Salesforce Tasks. In this case, SalesWise is surfacing Opportunities or Accounts with no future calendar events or tasks associated.

Each Activity Filter can be further refined by selecting the 'Has' or 'Does not have' preceding each Activity Filter except for No next meeting or task.

  • Has: Signifies the existence of the selected Activity.
  • Does not have: Signifies the lack of the selected Activity.

When utilizing any Activity Filter, a date range must be selected. This is a powerful, easy way to quickly identify the existence of (or lack of) particular activities. 

Back to Saving!

All of the Filters can be combined to provide powerful insights into the organization's business relationships. As mentioned above, Saved Queries help recall the dimensions of any Filters used for quick access. To save a query, simply the desired Filters, and select the Save Query button at the bottom. Then, enter an appropriate name, and save to My Queries or Company Queries.


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