The Account Graph


The Account Graph is the first comprehensive account-based relationships visualization. The Account Graph quickly identify all of the people involved in the relationship in a brand new format – both on the buy side and sell side. Because we aggregate every inbox, meeting invite, and document ever sent or received across the entire enterprise, we show the most comprehensive visualization of an account.


The Account Graph allows you to see:

  • Who is involved in the sales process – both on your team and your prospect's.
  • How engaged those individuals are through time and throughout the entire sales process.
  • And overall, exactly what is going on with your most important accounts.

The Axes


  • One of the key aspects of the Account Graph is the relationship of time represented on the x-axis (horizontal); where contacts further to the right represents a more recent engagement.
  • Above the x-axis are all the contacts involved in the relationship from the company. Below the x-axis represents all the contacts involved from the prospect/ customer ("account").
  • The y-axis (vertical) represents volume of engagement -- emails sent and received. Higher on the y-axis highlights greater volume.

The People


Each contact involved in the relationship can be depicted in the Account Graph. These individuals are involved through email exchanges -- having sent or received emails (or both). 

Surrounding the contact is a representation of engagement of the contact where SENT emails are represented in green while RECEIVED emails in blue. This gives viewers a quick way to identify the engagement of contacts where a greater proportion of received emails versus sent highlights less responsiveness.


Contacts are represented only once on the Account Graph, and move along the axes based on their involvement. As contacts are engaged more recently, they slide towards the TODAY line to the right.

On Hover


Hover the mouse pointer over a contact and the Account Graph comes alive. 

  • Contact popup: gives the name, email address, title (if available), and engagement stats (sent, received, and recency).
  • Connections: the green (sent emails) and blue lines (received emails) connect the hovered contact to other contacts in the Graph. This may include CCing colleagues or direct emails with multiple customer and company constituents.
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